Eco-Heater Infrared Space Heater with Air Sanitizer, 1500-Watt

Wow, the name itself compelled me to get my hands on this product and so I did not wait and grabbed it. Being a fan of Dyson products, I was looking forward to test this one. I am really happy with the overall design of the product. It comes in good color and seems durable by the looks of it.

The size is also perfect and fits well in my intended space. It proved to be great for warming my bedroom which is quite large. All the previous products that I tried took considerable amount of time to heat up such a large space. But no patience needed for this product, it did its work faster and with unmatched efficiency. The setting panel on the top is quite easy to adjust and allows good monitoring by consumers. I loved the remote because of its size and clean and clear controls. The humidity feature is a bonus for this product because it gives it an edge over other competitors in the market. The advantages ofthis product are a lot to enumerate.

Personally, the word ECO grabs my attention everytime and being a fan of it, I tend to get attracted towards such products. I guess they gave this name for the same purpose.

I was having a good experience with it when suddenly my room began smelling weird like old automobiles and cars. It really annoyed me because they claimed to have made this product as an air sanitizer, while all it did was drastically change the ambience of my room. The prevalence of this smell got me worried and thinking that it’s not as Eco-friendly as I imagined it to be. Clearly, the material used in the manufacture is not as good as the description paints it to be.

In fact, I fear that the material used might be cheap and toxic maybe. I also read in the description that it has an inbuilt purifier that cleans up the air and destroys viruses and germs. Not quite sure about that. The infra-red heat makes it a great warmer and that is what is expected of it so it does not fail in doing that efficiently.

Another thing that is a must in my list is energy efficiency. I am glad that this product does all the things that are mentioned by the engineers. As is visible from the performance, the engineers put in a lot of detail and did their best to make a unique heater and the good part is, they succeeded well!

I saw my electricity bills and was ready to bar the amount of having it running the entire month for most part of the day but I was actually amazed that it did not cost me as much as I expected. And so it became my favorite among others in line if I exclude the smell part. Evidently when good engineering and stylish looks meet, the result is this.

Dyson air Multiplier AMO6 Table Fan

Reading the reviews, I had fewer expectations but anyhow I wanted a fan so I bought this one. I was, however, amazed at its performance. It is quite stylish and is so easy to place. I assembled the parts in a second and placed it with ease.

Talking of all the pros, the feature that beats all others is, well you guessed it, no-noise. The absence of that irritating and intolerable noise that was a huge issue in the previous models has been dealt with quite effectively by the engineers. I was really happy to have my audible voice and the fan in the same room. Really good work, Dyson.

The remote is a bonus because it’s magnetic and allows easy storage. Also I admire the fact that I don’t have to get up every time to adjust the settings because I have the remote. It is also quite easy to operate and no advanced settings needed, just a scale from 1 -10.

It also proved to be the best for my child’s bedroom where I intended to keep it because it had no sharp things or blades coming out of it, no wires and no exposed, harmful regions. I have no worries as my child plays around it, he even loves the feature of touch tilt. It is so easy to clean and maintain. A single wipe and its shiny as ever and a bonus- no problematic areas. It takes up very little space of the room.

The engineering of the product is appreciably good. Cool and modern in looks, it proves to be a good air cooler although that is not what we could call it precisely because it just amplifies the air and throws it at a faster speed as described by their Air multiplier technology. It also claims to save energy, I am quite apprehensive about this feature as I have yet to see my bills this month and only then will I know how legitimate this claim is.

Talking of all good things, still I gave 4.5 stars to this product. The main reason being the plastic body of the model otherwise click here. I find the plastic quite cheap and thin and I felt that this product could have been better at such a price range. The plastic look is somewhat stealing its edgy ad classy look.

I expected it to be a little better in appearance. It totally suits my child’s bedroom interior but I am not sure if I would place it in my living room. The area greatly affects its performance because it is suitable for a small bedroom and cools it but it doesn’t show considerable effect in spacious rooms.

The price is escalated for such a product and I am forced to ask myself if this is really worth it. Also, the durability of this product is a big question to me. I guess I will have to wait for some time to actually comment on it. Till then, happy!

Do You Really Need A GPS Navigation Unit

Do you need to have a GPS navigation Unit? The truthful answer is yes you do given that whilst it is very simple to use your Smart phone, they have a couple of major factors which if you neglect can cause yourself problems with over both the short term and long term.

The biggest problem with using a smartphone for your gps unit is what happends if you drop it or it falls from your push bike. This can be a seriously expensive day and with the risk of dropping your smartphone, its much easier to simply get a gps unit that if you do drop it, will more than likley bounce anyway. The other big problem is that smartphones are not water proof and therefore if it start raining whilst your out on your motorbike, then you have the option to either get lost or use your smartphone, but run the risk that it will get water inside it and break down.

Choosing a GPS unit is another problem, however typically the most costly version will be cheaper than a low priced smartphone and therefore if you do break your gps unit because you have abused it or it does get stolen, lost or broken, there is not as much of a dent for your wallet. In addition, a specifically designed printing pens will come with lots of great features that may help you with your navigation.

These features could include turn by turn directions, in-built speakers or even lane assistance all to help you get from point A to point B in the quickest time. In my view it is obvious that you do require a great gps unit to help you with your directions however the actual question that we should be asking ourselves would be, should I really buy the most expensive, top of the range gps unit, or should i buy a nice cheap gps unit that will not come with all the features, but will cost a lot less.

The extra features that comes with the top of the range models are fantastic the extra cost means that you can quite happily do without them. Choose a GPS device that comes with beneficial features, but features that you’re likely to use. If you’re not planning to use the features then there is basically no point in getting this model and you might as well save the money and buy a more affordable unit.

What To Look For When Purchasing A New Tent?

This is from over a decade of working in a Camping Retail outlet, and from over 20 years’ experience of camping all over the Britain and a bit further afield. The size Is it just you going camping or is it the whole family going, are you using the tent for backing packing or will you be chucking it in the boot when camping.

If you’re only going away for weekend breaks don’t go buying a large 8 man tent for the two of you, you will spend too much time putting it up, that you won’t have that much time to relax, whereas if there are just two going away for a two week break, don’t purchase a small two man tent, as you won’t have enough space to put all your stuff.

Who’s putting it up If it’s just going to be you putting it up I would recommend a Dome tent, easily put the poles together and the tent goes up and stays up while you’re putting in the pegs. Whereas with a tunnel tents it helps to have someone to hold the poles while you peg it in.

Difference between tunnel and Dome

Tunnel tents are usually the same height in the whole tent, where as a dome tent usually has great height in the centre, but then slopes down around the edges, but stands up better against the wind. Hydrostatic Head This is the waterproofing level on the tent, the recommend level for Britain is 1500HH. We WONT sell any tent that is not at least to this level.

If you are planning on going camping for a weekend every summer then you are probably ok with a 1500HH level, whereas if you’re going away a few times a year for long weekend, weeks away you’re probably better spending a little more and got for a tent with at least 3000 to 5000. Well we all know how often it rains in Britain (Every time I’m camping, so if I’m camping I would stay at home lol). Groundsheet There are two types sewn in groundsheet and ones you can pull out.

This again depends on what type of camping and who and what your taking. If it’s just you and the other half. Then get a sewn in ground sheet stops the bugs and wind from getting in, whereas if you’re taking a dog then get a tent without a sewn in groundsheet to make it easy to clean.  If you need more information click here to be directed to our video

How Does The Tourism Industry Work

Travel Industry

What Can you tell me about the travel and tourism industry?

You need to think about it as the Travel and Tourism industry is probably the biggest and defiantly the fastest growing industries in the world given that it encompasses so many different endeavors to include travel agencies, airlines, hotels, car and truck rentals, cruise-lines, tour operators, local attractions, motor-coach companies, rail-roads, and so much more.

Where do Travel Agencies Fit Into the Grand Scheme?

Travel agencies employ vast numbers of people a variety of jobs, that range from basic entry-level support to trained and specialized consultants. The average traveler with probably face many problems during their working career that they sort out, to include transportation, accommodations, and other travel services and must depend upon the travel agents for honest travel guidance.


What Jobs Are There? 

Many. Travel has evolved into the second largest business in America according to the US Department of Commerce and by the year 2020 travel and tourism will be the number one industry in our country for employers.

Is it competitive?

Yes, mainly because its a great place to work and build a career.  Not only is the role diverse, but the perks help as well.

Travel agents have to work hard to keep their profits high enough to sustain their agencies. Group-travel, incentive-travel, travel-clubs, and corporate contracts are now very important.

Working as a Travel Agent: The Job, The Benefits


Training is essential to prepare you for a career as a travel agent. Universities offer two and three year curriculum’s in travel and tourism along with schools that teach travel agent skills.  In addition larger travel agencies offer their own training programs to help their staff.

What Skills Do I Have To Have?

You will need general business skills, selling skills, empathy and the knowledge of a seasoned traveler.

What is the work environment like?

Travel agents are nearly always sitted at their desk for much of their working day as they constantly need to be in contact with clients via the telephone. Much of their work is detail oriented with the main goal being customer satisfaction so that their clients will return again and use them whenever they need travel assistance. Travel agents also need to be patient and have the ability to work under pressure.

What about the Pay?

Salaries and Perks are often commission based from sales by the airlines and tour operators and whilst commission percentages vary, most suppliers typically pay 20% of the price.  The average for an entry level position is around $18,000 for agents with six years or more of experience and about $23,000 for managers.

Is It For You?

Yes if you want to accept that you are going to have to put some real work in and there will be good days and bad days, however as long as the good days out number the bad days then all is good.

How to Find a Good Training Program

There are a number of educational opportunities for a person desiring to enter the industry and the internet is the best way to find out local programs near you.

The first thing to do is to carefully investigate and research everything you can possibly find about the training possibilities and educational opportunities before you start making decisions.  Remember, being a travel professional requires certain skills and knowledge which you can only get by attending a school which will help you acquire these skills for when deciding which is the best garmin or tomtom sat nav on the market



Exclusive TVL Net

The travel industry is measured in the hundreds of billions of dollars annually and is continually growing. Travel is a part of life for most everyone in the country. It ranges from business travel to leisure travel including travel by necessity and travel by desire. Travel can be sold to people you know and people who respond to your marketing efforts.

The nineties and the coming turn-of-the-century hold great promise for those of us who are ready to accept and exploit the opportunities of new technology. You do not need to be a technology whiz to find the best Garmin or TomTom Truck GPS Unit or get your share of the growing information exchange.

To 19 million Americans, a house isn’t just a home it is also a place to go to work and to run a serious business. In the next three or four years a large portion of travel business will be done from home. Exclusive Travel Network (ETN) will prepare you to conduct a travel business from your home.

The home-based travel agency will very likely dominate the travel business in the near future. Now is the time to stake out your territory before everyone you know is soliciting the contacts you already have. If you want a piece of this market, act now and you can set your own hours, Eliminate the commute, the time and expense that goes with it, and save on day care costs. Vacation when you choose to. Gain valuable self-employment tax deductions (consult with your tax advisor). Be your own boss. But please read on. This is only the beginning. We will further explain why you must seriously consider this option as a home-based business, or as a supplement to an existing home – based business.

ETN is interested in doing business with outside sales agents. Our philosophy is that we should be taking advantage of the technology available in the 90’s and have people working in their homes. In addition to creating your own home business, you also enter into the exciting world of travel when you generate an appropriate volume of travel bookings. This opens the door to perks and benefits unlike those found in any other business.

How It Works

ETN provides each associate with FocalpointNet reservations software coupled with Viewpoint software. Focalpoint has been recognized as the foremost dial access reservation software. By loading Focalpoint on your personal computer you will have access to all of Focalpoint’s benefits, including “Scripting”, to make all aspects of reservations easier. Reservations booked through Focalpoint are automatically queued to ETN for quality control and documentation. ETN then issues the tickets and documents, after final quality control review, and sends them to you or your clients via mail or Airborne Express (at a special low rate). Last minute tickets can be issued on a prepaid basis electronically.

To Assist In Your Success, ETN offers the following benefits

  • 80% Commission on face value of commission received
  • Access to preferred supplier program with highest commission levels (up to 20%)
  • No initial investment
  • Access to Apollo Focalpoint reservations system with Viewpoint
  • User friendly “Scripting” to facilitate Apollo use
  • Commission statements (with commission checks)
  • A comprehensive procedures manual & reference guide – Online
  • Access to corporate rate hotel program
  • ARC/IATAN eligibility with qualifying volume
  • Regular communication on special discounts
  • Timely commission payments (20th of each month)
  • Updates to CRS system made at no extra charge
  • Monthly sales reports
  • Vendor list consisting of 1600 vendor names, phone & fax numbers, addresses, & special commission rates


Commissions vary from 5% on most air tickets, car rentals, 10% hotel bookings to as much as 20% on cruise & tour packages. Generally it is 10% of the gross price.

ETN pays 80% of the face value of all commissions received from the airlines & vendors on the 20th of each month. However, no checks are written under $100.00. Earnings will accumulate until $100.00 is earned. Commission checks are issued on the 20th of each month for all commissions received during the previous month on travel completed by the last day of the prior month for airline tickets and commission received from vendors by Exclusive Travel Network by the last day of the month.


A fax machine or fax software is recommended to communicate with ETN, industry vendors and customers. A separate phone line is also recommended for your computer (Focalpoint Dial Up) and fax machine. You will be functioning as an “Independent Contractor” and not as an employee, a distinct difference in the eyes of the IRS, Please discuss these ramifications with your accountant.

Fees & Requirements

There is NO startup fee to sign up with Exclusive Travel Network for qualified Agents.

There is an administration charge of $40.00 a month charged on the 20th, this includes unlimited use of FocalpointNet & Viewpoint. These charges and any other charges accrued during the month will be deducted from your commission check. If there is not enough commission, the charges will be charged to your credit card.

There are a few assorted fees involved with hand-written documents, PTAs, MCOs, free tickets and Southwest tickets. These fees are all covered in detail in our agreement.

Unlike some “mail order” travel operations, we do not issue IATAN (International Airlines Travel Agent Network) cards to all who join. We will issue you an IATA card and put you on our IATAN list when you have reached $5,000 in Commissions paid to you in a one year period.


Due to the nature of our business where we handle the trust and money of our clients, it is a requirement that you not have any criminal convictions or any other item that would prevent you from being approved as an agent by ARC and IATAN.

You must have a Visa or MasterCard and a valid ID.

To use FocalpointNet, you need an IBM Compatible PC with a minimum 36,000 baud modem and at least a Pentium 100mh processor. It should have a minimum of 16mb Ram and be running Windows 95 or higher, and an internet connection.

In addition to having the appropriate at-home technology mentioned, all ETN associates must have a working knowledge of Apollo to decide which is the top selling truck sat nav on the market in 2015