Do You Really Need A GPS Navigation Unit

Do you need to have a GPS navigation Unit? The truthful answer is yes you do given that whilst it is very simple to use your Smart phone, they have a couple of major factors which if you neglect can cause yourself problems with over both the short term and long term.

The biggest problem with using a smartphone for your gps unit is what happends if you drop it or it falls from your push bike. This can be a seriously expensive day and with the risk of dropping your smartphone, its much easier to simply get a gps unit that if you do drop it, will more than likley bounce anyway. The other big problem is that smartphones are not water proof and therefore if it start raining whilst your out on your motorbike, then you have the option to either get lost or use your smartphone, but run the risk that it will get water inside it and break down.

Choosing a GPS unit is another problem, however typically the most costly version will be cheaper than a low priced smartphone and therefore if you do break your gps unit because you have abused it or it does get stolen, lost or broken, there is not as much of a dent for your wallet. In addition, a specifically designed printing pens will come with lots of great features that may help you with your navigation.

These features could include turn by turn directions, in-built speakers or even lane assistance all to help you get from point A to point B in the quickest time. In my view it is obvious that you do require a great gps unit to help you with your directions however the actual question that we should be asking ourselves would be, should I really buy the most expensive, top of the range gps unit, or should i buy a nice cheap gps unit that will not come with all the features, but will cost a lot less.

The extra features that comes with the top of the range models are fantastic the extra cost means that you can quite happily do without them. Choose a GPS device that comes with beneficial features, but features that you’re likely to use. If you’re not planning to use the features then there is basically no point in getting this model and you might as well save the money and buy a more affordable unit.

What To Look For When Purchasing A New Tent?

This is from over a decade of working in a Camping Retail outlet, and from over 20 years’ experience of camping all over the Britain and a bit further afield. The size Is it just you going camping or is it the whole family going, are you using the tent for backing packing or will you be chucking it in the boot when camping.

If you’re only going away for weekend breaks don’t go buying a large 8 man tent for the two of you, you will spend too much time putting it up, that you won’t have that much time to relax, whereas if there are just two going away for a two week break, don’t purchase a small two man tent, as you won’t have enough space to put all your stuff.

Who’s putting it up If it’s just going to be you putting it up I would recommend a Dome tent, easily put the poles together and the tent goes up and stays up while you’re putting in the pegs. Whereas with a tunnel tents it helps to have someone to hold the poles while you peg it in.

Difference between tunnel and Dome

Tunnel tents are usually the same height in the whole tent, where as a dome tent usually has great height in the centre, but then slopes down around the edges, but stands up better against the wind. Hydrostatic Head This is the waterproofing level on the tent, the recommend level for Britain is 1500HH. We WONT sell any tent that is not at least to this level.

If you are planning on going camping for a weekend every summer then you are probably ok with a 1500HH level, whereas if you’re going away a few times a year for long weekend, weeks away you’re probably better spending a little more and got for a tent with at least 3000 to 5000. Well we all know how often it rains in Britain (Every time I’m camping, so if I’m camping I would stay at home lol). Groundsheet There are two types sewn in groundsheet and ones you can pull out.

This again depends on what type of camping and who and what your taking. If it’s just you and the other half. Then get a sewn in ground sheet stops the bugs and wind from getting in, whereas if you’re taking a dog then get a tent without a sewn in groundsheet to make it easy to clean.  If you need more information click here to be directed to our video