Dyson air Multiplier AMO6 Table Fan

Reading the reviews, I had fewer expectations but anyhow I wanted a fan so I bought this one. I was, however, amazed at its performance. It is quite stylish and is so easy to place. I assembled the parts in a second and placed it with ease.

Talking of all the pros, the feature that beats all others is, well you guessed it, no-noise. The absence of that irritating and intolerable noise that was a huge issue in the previous models has been dealt with quite effectively by the engineers. I was really happy to have my audible voice and the fan in the same room. Really good work, Dyson.

The remote is a bonus because it’s magnetic and allows easy storage. Also I admire the fact that I don’t have to get up every time to adjust the settings because I have the remote. It is also quite easy to operate and no advanced settings needed, just a scale from 1 -10.

It also proved to be the best for my child’s bedroom where I intended to keep it because it had no sharp things or blades coming out of it, no wires and no exposed, harmful regions. I have no worries as my child plays around it, he even loves the feature of touch tilt. It is so easy to clean and maintain. A single wipe and its shiny as ever and a bonus- no problematic areas. It takes up very little space of the room.

The engineering of the product is appreciably good. Cool and modern in looks, it proves to be a good air cooler although that is not what we could call it precisely because it just amplifies the air and throws it at a faster speed as described by their Air multiplier technology. It also claims to save energy, I am quite apprehensive about this feature as I have yet to see my bills this month and only then will I know how legitimate this claim is.

Talking of all good things, still I gave 4.5 stars to this product. The main reason being the plastic body of the model otherwise click here. I find the plastic quite cheap and thin and I felt that this product could have been better at such a price range. The plastic look is somewhat stealing its edgy ad classy look.

I expected it to be a little better in appearance. It totally suits my child’s bedroom interior but I am not sure if I would place it in my living room. The area greatly affects its performance because it is suitable for a small bedroom and cools it but it doesn’t show considerable effect in spacious rooms.

The price is escalated for such a product and I am forced to ask myself if this is really worth it. Also, the durability of this product is a big question to me. I guess I will have to wait for some time to actually comment on it. Till then, happy!