Eco-Heater Infrared Space Heater with Air Sanitizer, 1500-Watt

Wow, the name itself compelled me to get my hands on this product and so I did not wait and grabbed it. Being a fan of Dyson products, I was looking forward to test this one. I am really happy with the overall design of the product. It comes in good color and seems durable by the looks of it.

The size is also perfect and fits well in my intended space. It proved to be great for warming my bedroom which is quite large. All the previous products that I tried took considerable amount of time to heat up such a large space. But no patience needed for this product, it did its work faster and with unmatched efficiency. The setting panel on the top is quite easy to adjust and allows good monitoring by consumers. I loved the remote because of its size and clean and clear controls. The humidity feature is a bonus for this product because it gives it an edge over other competitors in the market. The advantages ofthis product are a lot to enumerate.

Personally, the word ECO grabs my attention everytime and being a fan of it, I tend to get attracted towards such products. I guess they gave this name for the same purpose.

I was having a good experience with it when suddenly my room began smelling weird like old automobiles and cars. It really annoyed me because they claimed to have made this product as an air sanitizer, while all it did was drastically change the ambience of my room. The prevalence of this smell got me worried and thinking that it’s not as Eco-friendly as I imagined it to be. Clearly, the material used in the manufacture is not as good as the description paints it to be.

In fact, I fear that the material used might be cheap and toxic maybe. I also read in the description that it has an inbuilt purifier that cleans up the air and destroys viruses and germs. Not quite sure about that. The infra-red heat makes it a great warmer and that is what is expected of it so it does not fail in doing that efficiently.

Another thing that is a must in my list is energy efficiency. I am glad that this product does all the things that are mentioned by the engineers. As is visible from the performance, the engineers put in a lot of detail and did their best to make a unique heater and the good part is, they succeeded well!

I saw my electricity bills and was ready to bar the amount of having it running the entire month for most part of the day but I was actually amazed that it did not cost me as much as I expected. And so it became my favorite among others in line if I exclude the smell part. Evidently when good engineering and stylish looks meet, the result is this.