Exclusive TVL Net – Q&A

At ETN headquarters we take care of all of the back office duties to let you focus on selling travel.

How do travel agencies make their money?

All travel prices have 6% – 30% commission built into them. This is how travel agencies make their money. But you must be certified to receive these commissions.

What is a supplier?

A travel industry supplier is any organization that sells 3D Printing travel products and pays commissions to certified travel agencies. These suppliers include hotels, airlines, cruise lines, and car rentals, etc.

Where do I get brochures?

Suppliers will provide you with brochures at no charge upon request.

Is it true that the suppliers that I will be dealing with will help me every step of the way?

Yes. The vast majority of suppliers in the travel industry are staffed by highly trained professionals who are very knowledgeable about their products. If you have any questions, they heave immediate and proper answers available for you with just a phone call on their toll free telephone lines.

What advantage does a highly experienced travel agent have over a new travel agent like me?

Very little. Most travel destinations change their prices and venues on a regular basis. New hotels are built, older ones are refurbished or closed down. Airlines and wholesalers change hands. What’s important is to know where to get the up-to-date information.

What is a trade magazine?

Trade magazines are provided to certified travel agency owners only. This is only one of the places where you will get current information to keep you updated on the travel industry.

I heard that leisure travel is the fastest growing segment of the travel industry. Is this true?

Absolutely. This is exactly what ETN travel agents do best. With low overhead you can compete very effectively in the gaming marketplace. You can offer better service at a lower price to your clients.

Can I sell corporate travel?

Yes. You will have the advantage of offering special services to your corporate clients because you are smaller and can offer “that personal touch”.

How do I get my clients?

As you start your agency, you will begin with the people you know, i.e. family, friends, co-workers. Eventually, as you grow, you will have sales people selling travel for you, and creating marketing techniques. Over time your agency will become profitable allowing you the opportunity to provide several exciting services, such as:

  • Group travel
  • Direct mail
  • Telemarketing
  • Wedding Promotions
  • Corporate Travel

There are many more techniques!

Everyone you know or meet is a potential client. Start with friends, relatives, business associates, neighbors, community groups and clubs. By providing excellent service to your clients, they in turn will refer new clients to you.

Can I book all over the world?

Yes. All suppliers will be available for you to access.

How does the travel industry compare against other business opportunities?

No other business opportunity allows you to start without costly business expenses and no inventory, offers free and discounted travel, and with the support of a 3,500 billion dollar industry. You can receive average profits of $200 – $500 per transaction, free high quality brochures, and free seminars on a regular basis. What other industry has the excitement of the travel industry.

How do I process charge cards?

The suppliers do all charge card processing. You do not need to have a merchant account.

How soon will I be able to start my travel business?

Immediately! Once your application has been processed, you will receive your training materials plus access to our agency’s ARC and IATA number. You will now be able to start making reservations with all suppliers while earning commissions on the travel you book.

How will I receive airline tickets and other travel documents?

Airline tickets will be sent free of charge by First Class Mail to either you or your client. If you should need a ticket immediately, we offer overnight delivery at reduced rates.

How do I receive travel brochures?

Suppliers provide you with free color brochures upon your request.

How do I receive my commissions?

Exclusive travel Network pays commissions once a month. A detailed statement outlining your commissions will be sent along with your check. We handle the accounting for you. There is no paperwork for you to submit.

Am I required to meet any monthly or annual sales quotas?

Never. You can work at your own pace. Start part time if you choose while keeping your present job. You decide how quickly to expand your business.

Will I be able to provide my clients with the lowest possible fares?

Absolutely! You can obtain the lowest fares available with the software we provide. You will have access to all fares that are available to other agencies as well as access to our preferred suppliers who offer higher commissions.

Can I accept credit cards

Yes. You will be able to accept all major credit cards for your client’s travel arrangements at no cost to you.

Will I be eligible for discounts on my own travel?

Definitely! You will receive substantial discounts on your own travel arrangements. You will also be eligible for FAM trips and to receive an IATAN card, the travel industry’s only official identification card with qualifying volume.

How can etn make my affiliation fee so affordable

ETN revenues are created from the bookings made by its members. The more you produce, the more money both of us make. Therefore, our affiliation fee is designed to cover only your start-up costs (or advertising expense)

What if airline tickets require same-day issue

Assuming pre-paid ticket purchases meet the credit card company’s security requirement, they may be pre-paid by credit card and picked up at the airport. Please note that most airlines add a service charge for this option, and most often will require a signature and verification of the credit card’s billing address.

If my client wants to pay with a credit card, will I need a credit card merchant account

No, most clients pay for tickets using credit cards and most travel suppliers accept them. Credit card authorization instructions are included with your operations manual; these procedures eliminate the need for your obtaining an imprinter. When your client writes a check, it should be made payable to sterling travel

Will I be able to obtain pricing for my clients low enough to be competitive with established agencies in my area?

Yes. You will be able to offer rates fully competitive with those other established agencies. This is made possible through the sterling travel’s extensive resources.

Becoming a Travel Agent

So you’re interested in becoming a travel agent? O.K. In this section we’ll give you the information you need to get started.

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