How Does The Tourism Industry Work

Travel Industry

What Can you tell me about the travel and tourism industry?

You need to think about it as the Travel and Tourism industry is probably the biggest and defiantly the fastest growing industries in the world given that it encompasses so many different endeavors to include travel agencies, airlines, hotels, car and truck rentals, cruise-lines, tour operators, local attractions, motor-coach companies, rail-roads, and so much more.

Where do Travel Agencies Fit Into the Grand Scheme?

Travel agencies employ vast numbers of people a variety of jobs, that range from basic entry-level support to trained and specialized consultants. The average traveler with probably face many problems during their working career that they sort out, to include transportation, accommodations, and other travel services and must depend upon the travel agents for honest travel guidance.


What Jobs Are There? 

Many. Travel has evolved into the second largest business in America according to the US Department of Commerce and by the year 2020 travel and tourism will be the number one industry in our country for employers.

Is it competitive?

Yes, mainly because its a great place to work and build a career.  Not only is the role diverse, but the perks help as well.

Travel agents have to work hard to keep their profits high enough to sustain their agencies. Group-travel, incentive-travel, travel-clubs, and corporate contracts are now very important.

Working as a Travel Agent: The Job, The Benefits


Training is essential to prepare you for a career as a travel agent. Universities offer two and three year curriculum’s in travel and tourism along with schools that teach travel agent skills.  In addition larger travel agencies offer their own training programs to help their staff.

What Skills Do I Have To Have?

You will need general business skills, selling skills, empathy and the knowledge of a seasoned traveler.

What is the work environment like?

Travel agents are nearly always sitted at their desk for much of their working day as they constantly need to be in contact with clients via the telephone. Much of their work is detail oriented with the main goal being customer satisfaction so that their clients will return again and use them whenever they need travel assistance. Travel agents also need to be patient and have the ability to work under pressure.

What about the Pay?

Salaries and Perks are often commission based from sales by the airlines and tour operators and whilst commission percentages vary, most suppliers typically pay 20% of the price.  The average for an entry level position is around $18,000 for agents with six years or more of experience and about $23,000 for managers.

Is It For You?

Yes if you want to accept that you are going to have to put some real work in and there will be good days and bad days, however as long as the good days out number the bad days then all is good.

How to Find a Good Training Program

There are a number of educational opportunities for a person desiring to enter the industry and the internet is the best way to find out local programs near you.

The first thing to do is to carefully investigate and research everything you can possibly find about the training possibilities and educational opportunities before you start making decisions.  Remember, being a travel professional requires certain skills and knowledge which you can only get by attending a school which will help you acquire these skills for when deciding which is the best garmin or tomtom sat nav on the market